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utilisation of distillery spent wash in agriculture .

Utilisation of Distillery spent Wash in Agriculture .

Distillery spent wash is a highly polluting effluent generated from fermentation of molasses to produce alcohol. Molasses based distilleries may have a very high BOD and COD.

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nutrient composition of spent wash and its impact on .

Nutrient composition of spent wash and its impact on .

Oct 06, 2011· Distillery effluent or spent wash (SW) is usually considered as waste of distillery processes and can be classified as a dilute organic liquid fertilizer with high potassium content (Samuels 1980). In recent years, due to expansion of distilleries in sugar cane growing countries, the disposal of SW has become an acute problem.

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waste and waste water treatment (with diagra

Waste and Waste Water Treatment (With Diagra

The digestion of distillery spent wash/molasses slop was studied nearly fifty years ago. This and other studies used conventional stirred tank digesters resulting in SRT exceeding a week. Typical degradation was seldom higher than 3.5 m 3. M-3 d -1. Even by the use of anaerobic contact processes the anaerobic digestion of distillery effluent ...

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bio - gas plant manufacturer in india | naranla

Bio - Gas Plant Manufacturer In India | Naranla

Jan 01, 2017· Distillery effluent, which is commonly termed, as raw spent wash is one of the most Polluting effluent with very high values of BOD, COD, suspended solids & dissolved solids. This dark brown effluent has great potential of biogas generation, which can be used as Fuel and burnt directly in boiler or can be used to generate electricity by burning ...

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treatment of distillery spent wash by using chemical .

Treatment of Distillery Spent Wash by Using Chemical .

Distillery spent wash contains dissolved impurities, nutrients added during the molasses fermentation, by-products of fermentation and decomposition products. The suspended impurities like dust, cellulosic fibers, etc. are usually removed before the concentration of the juice.

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treatment of distillery spent wash - indian institute of .

Treatment of Distillery Spent wash - Indian Institute of .

Molasses Distilleries • Spent wash is the main waste stream – It has a BOD 5of about 30,000 to 60,000mg/lit – COD of about 1,00,000 mg/lit – pH – acidic (4 – 5) – Colour- dark brown – About 15% solids content – Ash contains Potash as K

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csir lab cracks it: sugar waste to fertiliser | explained .

CSIR lab cracks it: Sugar waste to fertiliser | Explained .

May 18, 2018· Distilleries in India currently manage their spent-wash mainly by converting it into manure by mixing the wastewater with press-mud, a residue from sugar mills. However, press-mud is available only during the 150-160 days when the mills are running, forcing the distilleries to limit their operations to the crushing season.

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distillery industry wastewater treatment | civildigit

Distillery Industry Wastewater Treatment | CivilDigit

Mar 15, 2017· The high temperature of the spent wash from the distillation process have to be adjusted at least to the maximum values tolerable for the biologic degradation. Flow regulation, mixing Strong variations in the volumetric flow of the wastewater have to be compensated by storage/equalization capacities and appropriate dosage/mixing device.

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biomethanation process for distillery spent wash treatment .

Biomethanation Process for Distillery Spent Wash Treatment .

Mar 04, 2019· The distillery effluent is known as spent wash and it is a highly concentrated liquid with a high organic and inorganic content. In Distillery industry spent wash treatment and disposal is one of the major issue. Distillery effluent is having considerable organic matter which can be bio degradable.

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core competence – kaashyapenver

Core Competence – kaashyapenver

The distillery spent wash has high organic content in terms of COD values and therefore has high potential for methane capture. Methane rich Biogas has been used in boiler as fuel to generate steam and power is produced from the steam turbine.

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physico-chemical characterization of distillery effluent .

Physico-chemical Characterization of Distillery Effluent .

Distillery spent wash is perceived as one of the serious pollution problems of the countries producing alcohol from the fermentation and subsequent distillation of sugar cane molasses. The distillery spent wash is characterised as one of the caramelized and recalcitrant wastes containing extremely high COD, BOD, inorganic solids, color and low in

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problems in distillery waste treatment (with solution

Problems in Distillery Waste Treatment (with Solution

Spent wash stored in unlined lagoons in distillery percolate into ground water table, and bore wells discharge light tea coloured sharbat in place of colourless drinking water. Hardness of such well water is more than 2000 mg/L at times.

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recovery of potash from distillery waste

Recovery of potash from distillery waste

Chakraborty and Bhaskar carried out Pilot study plant to recover potassium salts from spent wash of a molasses distillery in India. In this process, the raw spent wash was neutralized with lime and evaporated about 75% solid in a forced circulation evaporator under vacuum by duplicating a …

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what happens to spent grain after ... - the whiskey wa

What Happens to Spent Grain After ... - The Whiskey Wa

Oct 28, 2016· Washington’s Hunter Farms makes use of Hardware Distillery spent grains. (image via Hardware Distillery) To understand the various uses for spent grain, you’ll need to understand the forms it can take. Basically, there are two kinds of spent grain: the stuff left over after making beer, and the stuff left over after making mash.

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distillery wastewater & bod’s — dalki

Distillery Wastewater & BOD’s — Dalki

Aug 28, 2019· Aug 28 2019 Distillery Wastewater & BOD’s The majority of liquid waste from a distillery is stillage/ spent wash: the leftover liquid after a still run, mostly water. Wastewater districts typically have rules and regulations stating what, and how much of different materials they will accept in their system.

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distillery, wineries, brewery effluent treatment .

Distillery, Wineries, Brewery effluent treatment .

Aeolus with its product XERODROP DSW is the first and only Company on Google who can proudly claim 100% Comprehensive Treatment of Molasses Distillery Spent Wash. When input to XERODROP is raw or bio-methanated distillery spent wash or grain distillery spent wash - the output is 100% recyclable - colourless, odourless water!

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spent wash vinasse fired boiler | therm

spent wash vinasse fired boiler | Therm

TBWES offers a unique solution for spent wash incineration to convert distillery waste to energy that not only adheres to the 'Zero Liquid Discharge Regulatory Compliance' but also helps in meeting the entire steam and power demand of the distillery industry in the most economical and efficient way. SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS IN ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT

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distillery effluent: standards and utilization | waste .

Distillery Effluent: Standards and Utilization | Waste .

Distillery effluent which is generally known as spent wash is a dark coloured waste and has high BOD & COD values. Despite the high BOD & COD it has very good concentration of Inorganic minerals which are the basic requirement of most of the crops and can be reutilized.

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salt recovery in distilleries spent wash | chem process .

Salt Recovery in Distilleries Spent Wash | Chem Process .

Distillery Industry Effluent. The main source of pollution from distilleries is the Spent Wash – a nontoxic biodegradable effluent. A huge amount of effluent is generated in the distilleries, as per experience 10-15 KL of distillery effluent is generated for production of 1 KL of Alcohol.

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distillation - whisky.c

Distillation - Whisky.c

After distillation the pot ale (also called spent wash) remains in the wash still. It has a residual alcohol content of approximately 1%. However, not only alcohol but also valuable proteins and minerals from the barley grains remain in the pot ale.

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spent wash incineration technology - aida ind


Salient Features of spent wash incinerator • FC-KCP make spent wash Incinerator is a multi-fuel fired boiler • The spent wash incinerator is suitable for the following fuel combinations: 1.

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